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   My arranging experience goes back 40 years, covering virtually every style of music performance, including TV, radio and recording sessions, West End and touring shows, major cabaret etc......
  Although I have been a working musician, I have worked solely as an arranger/copyist for the past 15 years.

Its a very familiar story............

  You are a cabaret singer, maybe new to the profession, or perhaps a   performer of many years experience.
 A keyboard player ( usually!) tells you your band charts are all wrong , hard to read etc. etc. and surprise! surprise! .......he just happens to write arrangements.You part with your money, only to find the next keyboard player ( or whatever) tells you your parts are all wrong,hard to read etc. etc.

Why am I any different ?
   I am a full-time professional arranger, with everything to lose , should I supply "all wrong, hard to read etc etc." arrangements. 
   My arrangements are played in clubs, theatres, and function rooms all over the UK , USA , europe and Australasia........my client list includes just about every major function band in London !

    In this day and age, rehearsals are a luxury and more often than not, the first time a musician  sees your charts is when he turns over from the previous tune, actually  on the "gig".
   For this reason they must be absolutely clear, with all the decisions being taken by the arranger. 
Its no use whatsoever expecting a keyboard-player to decide between 3 or 4 different lines to play.......I make that decision for him/her!

     Where I supply front-line (brass/sax) charts, if required, they are written so that the arrangement is playable by most line-ups from just a sax or trumpet, right up to 2 tpts, tbne, and 3 saxes, or bigger if required.

      The arrangements are produced using Makemusic Finale 2014 ,the industry leader in Computer Music Notation.

....or you run a successful function band!

Your audiences are "crying out" for Top 40 tunes, but most "pop" songs are around for such a short space of time, paying through  the  nose for charts that you will only use for a couple of months, is uneconomic.

   Now you
CAN keep your repertoire up-to-date. At my prices,  playing all the latest chart hits becomes affordable !!!


    All arrangements are supplied to you as Adobe PDF files via email., Each arrangement is produced specially for you........making the songs, in effect, available in any key to suit you  ( this does however cost just a few pounds more).

   Why not contact me to discuss your requirements, or if you like, just a chat!!

Dave Flay